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Saved & Silly Gospel Comedy Show

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Friday, Jun. 17 7:30 PM

Gospel Comedy Entertainment presents the Saved & Silly Comedy show featuring CLEAN stand-up comedians performing, GCE brings the gift and the spirit of laughter. "Laughter is one of the healthiest exercises that we can enjoy, it literally brings healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. These professional comedians take every day, real life experiences to engage and bring laughter to each member of the audience...Perfect to bring your church, your Pastor, your date, your parents, your grandparents to enlighten, encourage and entertain with the gift of Laughter...A merry heart doeth good like medicine (Proverbs 17:22) LAUGHALUJAH!!!

Join us for the comedy stylings of Black PrinceDave DlaysonJudge Mathis JonesStacy Anderson, and Tonja D with host Yielded and music by DJ Jade SheJam.

15% DISCOUNT for groups of 5 or more when you use the code SAVESIL22 at checkout!