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The Eat/Pray/Slay Dance Experience

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Thursday, Dec. 28 9:00 AM

First off...leave the type of dancer you think you are at the door!

This event is meant to transcend the dancer ego and elevate your spirit to honor dance's original purpose...Raw Connection, Raw Support and Raw Intentional Performance! DO NOT miss this first of its kind, multimedia, performance centered intensive. 5+ hours of industry level instruction and mentorship from BOOKED and BLESSED commercial dancers from the Houston area.  

Each artist session, beneath the twinkling lights of Houston's beautiful MATCH Theater, is 70 minutes long, allowing for a beautiful, intimate and needed in our post pandemic world. With the help of MATCH's state of the art multimedia capabilities, the EatPraySlay environment will organically transform your dancers confidence and deepen their connection to the Houston pre-professional dance community. They will feel the love. And that's not the best part...through mentorship and a special parent breakout session, attendees and their observers will leave inspired with a variety of practical steps of how to best prepare the commercially minded dancer for success in the industry.  

Thursday, December 28 from 9 AM until 3 PM

$125 Advance Registration
($150 day of)
for the Full Day experience
Advance Purchase Price!

for individual sessions

to observe


9:00 AM - 9:30AM
Opening/Welcome/Visualization/Warm Up

9:30 AM
Pro-Experience #1 with Miles Sherman

10:30 AM
Pro-Experience #2 with Jada Walker

11:30 AM
Pro-Experience #3 with Lola Coghill

12:30 PM - Lunch
Dancers are invited to bring their own lunches or choose from one of the many great area eateries.

1:30 PM
Pro-Experience #4 with Jordan Laza

2:30 PM
Pro-Experience #5 with Trevon Anderson

3:30 PM
Improv Competition/Closing Show