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Now That You've Seen Me Naked - relationships uncovered!

Date TIme
Thursday, Mar. 9 7:00 PM
Friday, Mar. 10 8:00 PM
Saturday, Mar. 11 8:00 PM
Sunday, Mar. 12 3:00 PM

Whether you're in or out of love, come laugh with us as we put a humorous light on how we deal with love, sex, and relationships.  

Drs. Percy Hinks and Adelaide Hibble are trying to win the Nobel Prize for a formula that reveals the mysterious love code. Adding to the drama, they really need a grant to keep the Hibble Hinks Lab up and running. With a team of interns who reluctantly must act out various relationship scenarios to collect data, Hibble and Hinks want to prove they are legitimate researchers and not what their colleagues refer to as loony “mad scientists.” What happens along the way is all the fun!

With hilarious, original, memorable songs and scenes that cover everything from fairytales to performance art, you’re going to want to put on your goggles and join the experiment as they bumble their way to relationship enlightenment!

Runtime: 90 minutes with no intermission

Tickets: $35

Not appropriate for those 13 and under.