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Maybe God Presents


To tackle people's most intimidating questions about God and the purpose of humanity through thought-provoking storytelling and to inspire listeners to better understand and love their neighbors near and far.


The Maybe God Podcast launched in January 2018 in Houston, Texas and quickly rose the Apple rankings to Top 100 Spirituality Podcasts in 2019. With listeners in over 40 countries, the podcast speaks to both skeptics and believers about the questions and issues that unite (or divide) us all - such as shame, dating, racism, near death experiences, false accusations, sexuality, immigration, and so much more - through powerful and thought-provoking storytelling. Past guests include country legend Randy Travis, New York Times bestselling authors John Burke and John Mark Comer, Showtime star Greg Kelley, renowned psychiatrist Curt Thompson, as well as local artists, pastors and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Maybe God is hosted by skeptic-at-heart and Lead Pastor of The Story Church, Eric Huffman. The Executive Producer is Julie Mirlicourtois, a former TV producer for Oprah Winfrey and CBS News. Andrea Gentle is the Story Editor, and Pastor Geovanna Huffman is a Lead Contributor. Shannon Stefan and Justin Mayer are Maybe God's editors. Kat Brough is our Marketing Manager.

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