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No Excuses Foundation


No Excuses Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which host sporting, music and fashion events to raise funds for scholarships for deserving high school and college students.  Our purpose is to elevate the educational awareness, self-esteem and overall conscientiousness of underprivileged youth through life skills, counseling, general etiquette lessons and sports. 


We teach and reinforce these concepts through Professionals in Business, Fashion, Music, and Athletics who are living examples within our community. By creating a bond with youth through our programs and events, we set out to eradicate the self- doubt and fear that too often cripples America's youths and acts as traitors to the subconscious quest of betterment we all share.  The No Excuses Foundation is committed to the vision that by providing youth with a wholesome, intellectually stimulating environment within a community anchored in The Arts and Athletic Events and supervised by a caring team of professionals, any child can embrace the challenges of success.  NO EXCUSES!!!

Past Events at MATCH