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Social Movement Contemporary Dance


Social Movement Contemporary Dance (SMCD) promotes social consciousness through creative arts and community engagement. SMCD focuses on presenting work to diverse audiences that reflects the historical ramifications of social injustices against all peoples and their impact on contemporary social ideas and values.


Social Movement Contemporary Dance was founded under the Artistic Directorship under Elijah Alhadji Gibson.

Gibson has a passion for creating work that evokes thought and excites action. In his artistic process, he draws on personal experiences, current issues, and systems surrounding him. Gibson's choreography reflects his belief that dance mirrors how people embrace and/or resist the cultural boundaries, limitations, and expectations laid upon them by social constructs.

This conviction motivated Gibson's creation of We Are Greenwood, which received critical acclaim and has been performed both at the Kennedy Center and Jacob's Pillow. He followed up We Are Greenwood  with The Black Card, an evening of new works providing a glimpse inside his personal experiences dealing with race, cultural affirmation, and expression in the United States. The show illustrated the problematic duality of assimilation, specifically, how one may reject their own cultural identity to fit in, and the aftermath of those choices. Through the expression of the struggle against established systems of oppression that hinder the pursuit of the American Dream, Gibson explored the boundaries of cultural appropriation and appreciation and offered a solution towards re-configuring the ideas and values that have shaped the nature of subjugation in the United States. ​It was this show and his passion that moved Gibson to start Social Movement Contemporary Dance the summer of 2018.

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