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UH Center for Art & Social Engagement with FotoFest


The Center for Art & Social Engagement at the University of Houston builds on the wealth of experience in the local arts community, the research and best practices of national organizations, the resources of the University of Houston and the larger Houston community to bring together artists, community, faculty and professionals around policy, research and best practices in the arts. Center for Art and Social Engagement (CASE) reflects the refined focus on arts impact on audiences, communities, and contemporary society.


By highlighting how arts can engage a diverse public in dialogue across sectors and disciplines, raise awareness to needs, and redefine the discourse, the Center for Art and Social Engagement is poised to shape the conversation around art’s impact on all sectors of society. Through active research, pilot programs, and community partnerships, CASE will be a national resource as well as a center for learning and regard at UH. Central to this investigation are these questions: How do the arts transform audiences and communities? How is that impact measured and then translated to a different community? 

Core components:

  • Convene – Create opportunities for exchange among leaders from diverse sectors in the arts to discuss and test ideas on the changing reality of the arts, artists and audiences
  • Research – Encourage and invest in cross-sector research and evaluation methods; create opportunities for dissemination and discussion.
  • Practice –  Investigate best practice models that bring arts and diverse communities together; analyze impact and strategize methods for creating multi-local models; engage in partnerships to implement field-wide best practices on campus and in the local community.

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