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UH Graphic Design Student Association


Graphic designers enrich society by creating culturally significant forms of communication and experiences. Students in the Graphic Design program at the University of Houston build their knowledge of graphic design through a diverse curriculum, which includes course work in design history, theory, methods, and practice. Research and concept development are integral to this curriculum, as it investigates contemporary culture and emergent communication media.

Through the processes of individual inquiry and group collaboration students become critical and imaginative thinkers. A low student-to-faculty ratio ensures effective classes where learning includes hands-on design as well as analysis and discussion. Students learn a range of design methodologies and techniques in addition to interdisciplinary collaboration, presentation skills, team building, community outreach, ethics and sustainable practices—all tools to become top competitors in the national design-job market and leaders within the profession. The culmination of a student’s education is a senior exhibition that showcases a diverse portfolio of work including environmental, interactive, motion, print and web projects.

Students in Graphic Design engage with design and community leaders through lectures, social gatherings and interdisciplinary project collaboration. The Graphic Design program is well supported by UHGAP, an outstanding alumni organization, whose goal is to provide additional educational and scholarship opportunities for students.

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