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12 Minutes Max!

DiverseWorks - 12 Minute MaxDiverseWorks - 12 Minute Max
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Friday, Nov. 4 8:00 PM
Saturday, Nov. 5 8:00 PM


12 Minutes Max!

co-presented with the DiverseWorks Artist Advisory Board

Standby Process

If your desired performance date is sold out, you can reserve a standby ticket during our box office hours by calling the box office at (713) 521-4533 or in person. For full information on how standby works, please visit our box office information page

12 Minutes Max! and the DiverseWorks Artist Advisory Board sock it to you with two evenings of new and experimental performances, none of which last longer than the titular 12 minutes. The results are fast-paced, high-energy events featuring performance art, dance, experimental sound, comedy, spoken word and much, much more!

Each evening features a unique line-up of performances: 

Friday, November 4, 8 pm:

  • Abijan Johnson
  • Justin Jones & Stalina Villareal
  • Randi Long, Donna B & Coe
  • Phillip Pyle, II & Maurice Duhon
  • Lillian Warren, Annie Arnoult & Lynn Lane
  • Lori Yuill

Saturday, November 5, 8 pm:

  • Sandy Ewen
  • Allison Hunter, Christina Keefe & Melissa Noble
  • Alisa Mittin
  • Atton Paul
  • jhon stronks & Ben Doyle
  • Walt Zipprian & Anthony Barilla
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