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Bonito es Mexico

Houston Fringe Festival - Sin FronterasHouston Fringe Festival - Sin Fronteras
Houston Fringe Festival - Sin FronterasHouston Fringe Festival - Sin Fronteras
Date TIme
Friday, Sep. 8 7:30 PM
Sunday, Sep. 10 6:30 PM

Houston Fringe Festival

Bonito es Mexico

Presented by Sin Fronteras Ballet Folklorico

Founded in 2015, Sin Fronteras Ballet Folklorico was created to spread awareness of the Mexican culture in the city of Houston, Texas. Xavier Tamez andAzahel Vasquez came together to form a dance group that would inspire the community to learn about our cultural roots through the appreciation for Mexican folkloric dance. In April 2015, Sin Fronteras competed in ACADEZ Folklorico & Contemporary National Dance Competition in San Antonio, Texas. Through their dedicated efforts, they took first place in one of the categories, performing “Arriba El Norte!” Sin Fronteras Ballet Folklorico continues to work towards demonstrating their passion for folkloric dance by creating unique performances. Sin Fronteras collaborates with local artists and musicians to raise awareness of the incredible talent in the Greater Houston Area. Today, Sin Fronteras Ballet Folklorico proudly represent its' name, performing and bringing the community together, eliminating any cultural boundaries.

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