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Picture It 2

Houston Pride Band - Picture It 2Houston Pride Band - Picture It 2
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Saturday, Mar. 18 7:00 PM

"Picture It--Art" Music based on works of art and prominent artists provide the inspiration for a concert that will be celebratory, reflective, and fun.

In this sequel concert to 2016's "Picture It--Cinema", the Houston Pride Band will be joined by friends from the Oak Lawn Band of Dallas and The Pride of San Antonio Showband for an evening of visual art-related music. The program, dedicated to Andy Mills, conductor emeritus of the Houston Pride Band who passed away in early 2017, will present musical works depicting art dating from early Mayan cave paintings to Renaissance period masterpieces, as well as modern day artists.Other pieces in the concert will present music that reflects elements important in art such as light, shadow, movement, balance, patriotism and even the use of recycled materials!

Applying a varied palette of musical colors- "Picture It--Art" hopes to awaken the senses and inspire the artist in us all.

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