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Unforgotten; Becoming; Adura

Houston Fringe Festival - BecomingHouston Fringe Festival - Becoming
Houston Fringe Festival - AduraHouston Fringe Festival - Adura
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Saturday, Sep. 9 4:30 PM
Sunday, Sep. 10 3:30 PM

Unforgotten by Pretty Cultured
Becoming by Brittani Broussard
Adura by Brittani Broussard & Felicia Thomas


#BringBackOurGirls is not reserved for our overseas sisters. Everyday another young girl becomes victimized by the human sex trade, kidnapping, and other violent crimes. In many of our urban communities in the United States many girls go missing without much media attention. Many of those girls are from right here in Houston. This work will be an acknowledgement that their voices matter, their stories matter, their lives matter.


Become what you are
You are what you create
Creation of three
The three, I will embody


Adura is a dance, performance art, and installation piece that tells the story of someone that finds out about her spiritual ancestry and uses her new knowledge to invoke the spirits.

This piece dares to allow the audience to connect regardless of possible differences in religion, background, or even geographic location. Conceptually, Adura uses social media, installation, performance art, and dance so that the audience can see, smell, feel, and digitally experience the complexity of the character.

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