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6th Annual Fade To Black Play Festival

F2B Reading Series F2B Reading Series
Date TIme Note
Thursday, Jun. 21 8:00 PM Opening Night
Friday, Jun. 22 8:00 PM Talkback
Saturday, Jun. 23 8:00 PM Closing Night

The Movement:

With the advent of the Fade To Black Play Festival, we were on a mission to affect change. It was time for a new trend in the Houston theatre community! We wanted to create an outlet relevant to our present times that was purpose-driven and full of possibilities for growth, so we developed an initiative that created a platform to introduce the new plays of underrepresented, emerging African-American playwrights.

Our festival is volunteer supported, culturally diverse and community-based. Each year a countless number of local artists assist the festival in becoming the success it continues to be! Because of our rapid audience growth, we are now embarking upon our 6th season of excellence! Don’t miss this exciting event!

2018 Fade To Black Play Festival Winners

  • Calley Anderson (New York, NY), Trick or Treat
  • Yunina Barbour-Payne (Houston, TX), Tobacco Fields 
  • Maya Critchlow (Houston, TX), What About Tomorrow
  • Vincent Terrell Durham (Van Nuys, CA), Home For The Holidays With The Lord
  • Peter Fields (Kent, OH), The Visit 
  • Ken Green (Boston, MA), The Campaign
  • Lionell A. Hilliard (Houston, TX), Is Orange the New Black?
  • Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX), War Letters 
  • TJ Young (Pittsburgh, PA), Before The Fire
  • Brandon Riley (Tempe, AZ), Easy As Pie 

Please be advised that Shabach Enterprise will be filming this festival event for the inclusion of a national documentary.

By attending you are giving Shabach Enterprise consent to videotape, record, and capture your picture, likeness, voice, and statements.

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