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Houston Fringe Festival - GordaHouston Fringe Festival - Gorda
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Saturday, Sep. 8 3:30 PM
Sunday, Sep. 9 3:30 PM

Houston Fringe Festival


Written by Sara Ornelas, ft Robert Price & Levi Penley

Gorda is a one-woman show written by Sara Ornelas. Through music, storytelling, and theater, she examines various stages of her life when her talent for vulnerability has kicked her in the face. She celebrates her Latinx roots in a Mariachi lip sync and personifies insecurity and judgment as two Mean Girls pretending to be her friend. By performing some of her deepest fears she hopes to bring comfort to anyone who has eaten a whole half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream in one sitting....twice.

Sara Ornelas was born and raised deep in the heart of Brownsville, Texas and wears her latin roots proudly. She sang at every opportunity in church and usually played Satan. When she found theater, she drove 6 hours north and received her BFA at the University of Houston. She's performed in Amarillo, lived in the 1700's, and fought D'Artagnan in fifteen countries. Her New York debut was with the Exquisite Corpse Company as Frida Kahlo in A Ribbon About A Bomb, and most recently played Margaret/Verges in Much Ado About Nothing at Titan Theater Company in Queens. If she's not watching The Great British Baking Show she's roller skating, reading, or baking for her roommates.

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