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Group Acorde

Houston Fringe Festival - Group AcordeHouston Fringe Festival - Group Acorde
Houston Fringe Festival - Group AcordeHouston Fringe Festival - Group Acorde
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Wednesday, Sep. 5 8:30 PM
Thursday, Sep. 6 7:00 PM

Houston Fringe Festival

Group Acorde

Dance and Live Music Collaborations

Group Acorde invites the audience to be a part of the creative process of it's newest project "Origins" that is set to be performed as a full evening length evening premiere at the MATCH in January 2019. This project is divided into 2-3 phases and is a collaboration between 4 choreographers, 3 musicians, and one visual artist. An excerpt of Phase 2 is part of the company's program of Fringe Festival 2018 alongside "Clouded" and "Subject: see attachment". "Origins phase 2" highlights the collaboration between choreographers Roberta Paixao Cortes and Lindsey McGill, composer and musician Andrew Leinhard and visual artists André Amaral. 

"Clouded" is a short film with concept and music composition by Thomas Helton, performed live by himself and Seth Paynter and it was premiered in August 2017. The film is also a collaboration between Helton and videographer Jonathan Jindra. In Lindsey McGill's "Subject: See Attachment" one dancer and two musicians each present a version of themselves that was created in a response to emails sent privately between themselves and the choreographer. The work offers a platform for what happens when these personas interact and how they react when the senses they use to express their art mediums are removed or challenged. The program ends with a Q&A where the audience is invited to comment or ask anything about the collaborations to the cast that includes Roberta Paixao Cortes, Thomas Helton, and Seth Paynter. 

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