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My People/The Fact of Flesh

Corian Ellisor - My PeopleCorian Ellisor - My People
Rebekah Chappell - The Fact of FleshRebekah Chappell - The Fact of Flesh
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Saturday, Oct. 26 3:30 PM
Sunday, Oct. 27 7:00 PM

Houston Fringe Festival

My People/The Fact of Flesh

A Houston Fringe Festival Double Bill

My People is a movement conversation between two human bodies of color. Corian Ellisor, African American, and Alex Abarca, Mexican American, explore what it is like when one is not considered an "American" even though born here. The work employs two points of view to shine light on how being grouped together as the exotic other/minority can be both fetishized and dehumanized by mainstream culture. This tale of two colors also celebrates the richness and culture of these ethnic communities.

The Fact of Flesh, a solo performance piece by Rebekah Chappell, explores how a woman is marked, re-imaging a world where she is her own. The work embodies the exhaustion, pain, and rage of living in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Throughout the work, she constructs and deconstructs the performance space using boxes and fans. The objects, sound score and movement tasks serve as a means to disrupt dominant narratives. Through shifting states of being, she labors to reclaim her self. 

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