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Ready or Not, NMD2

NobleMotion Dance - Ready or Not NMD2NobleMotion Dance - Ready or Not NMD2
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Sunday, Jun. 9 6:00 PM

NobleMotion Dance’s pre-professional dance company presents original works by Bridget Moore, Jennifer Mabus, Rasika Borse, the Nobles, and NMD2 Directors Colette Kerwick and Seth McPhail. Dance technology is also featured in a new film by David and Brittany Deveau. Athletic, generous, and communal - Ready or Not highlights the talents of ten up-and-coming dance artists.

Acclaimed Dallas choreographer Bridget Moore premieres her new work Bridget Moore new work. The dance couples intricate phrases and innovative partnering as it examines spatial relationships. Getting a little more personal, May We Raise Them, May We Be Them by Houston’s own Jennifer Mabus explores femininity and strength. Mabus uses original text that she developed with the dancers as part of the sound score to create a moving piece that shares a little of each dancer’s personal journey as a woman.

Playful and light-hearted, Colette Kerwick and Seth McPhail’s Common Ground explores community through sumptuous movement and friendly competition. It’s a feel-good piece that evokes images of simpler times. Rasika Borse’s Rangtaari-a Celebration integrates Bollywood with contemporary dance. It’s an exuberant work with nuanced movement and patterns. 

Combining full bodied movement with gestural explosions, the Noble’s build a creature-like world in Shoal. Images of thick sand and murky waters permeate the dance. And finally, a new dance film by David and Brittany Deveau plays with the moving body in light and shadow.