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Tejas Dance pc Sharen Bradford-DallasDances 2018Tejas Dance pc Sharen Bradford-DallasDances 2018
Tejas Dance - Barnstorm 2019 - Shiva Tattva - Photographer Lynn Lane - Hi Res-25Tejas Dance - Barnstorm 2019 - Shiva Tattva - Photographer Lynn Lane - Hi Res-25
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Friday, Nov. 8 7:30 PM

Bhuvana Venkatraman & Chintan Patel explore the Ancient temple architecture through the spiritual journey of a Bhakta (devotee) through the Shiva temples of south India. During this journey of self-discovery, we draw parallels between the temple architecture, traditional Bharatanatyam Margam and the physical and spiritual Chakras of the body. This is a journey towards inner realization, beyond the physical world and its differences.

About Tejas Dance

Tejas dance was founded by Bhuvana Venkatraman in 2014 as a platform to enrich and popularize Bharatanatyam; identify and encourage talent in the field. Based on a strong belief in the ever-expanding potential of all art forms, Bharatanatyam in particular, Tejas Dance endeavors to blend the great art with changing times and concepts; and gain integration within different cultural milieus.

As Artistic Directors of Tejas Dance, Chintan Patel and Bhuvana Venkatraman, are enthusiastic dancers/choreographers, strongly rooted in tradition striving to give new meaning to Bharatanatyam techniques and themes.

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