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Songs for Motherland

Philanthrartist - Songs for MotherlandPhilanthrartist - Songs for Motherland
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Sunday, May. 12 5:00 PM

Jessica Colmenares and Alessandra Passalacqua are two young professional lyrical singers, born in Venezuela, and making their way in the Houston stage.  This time accompanied on the piano by maestro Keith Weber, they decided to join their talents in a recital that showcases their loves, their roots, their strengths, their essence. 

Songs for Motherland is dedicated to all mothers on their day, and to that special corner of nostalgia that we all have for any original or ancestral connections to our roots.

Philanthrartist is proud of bringing this recital to you, and keep promoting young Venezuelan artists with fresh ideas.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating the work of the artists we collaborate with, and the philanthropic causes that we promote; as well as to raise funds through the selling of art related goods and products, in order to benefit causes that we feel strongly about. 

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