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30 Ways To Get Free

Date TIme Note
Friday, Jul. 2 12:00 PM Stream Begins
Sunday, Aug. 1 11:59 PM Stream Ends

The Catastrophic Theatre

30 Ways To Get Free

written by Candice D’Meza and directed by Nate Edwards

The Catastrophic Theatre is proud to present the premiere of 30 Ways To Get Free, written by Candice D’Meza and directed by Nate Edwards. 30 Ways To Get Free is a series of three Afrofuturist micro-films that position abolition and liberation through the lens of science fiction. By exploring the worlds of spontaneous combustion, mermaids, trans-dimensional cell phones, and alien abductions, the films center on three of an unlimited number of ways Black people may triumphantly enter a free new world of their own imagining.  

Catastrophic is thrilled to be producing Candice D’Meza’s first film script and excited to collaborate with notable filmmaker Nate Edwards. The stellar cast features veteran actors Anthony August, Candice D’Meza, Byron Jacquet, Anna Maria Morris, and Jet Tettey. The film’s production crew includes director of photography Nicholas Lloyd, assistant director Jamar Hawkins, wardrobe designer Joy Cohen, and production designer Ruby Amare. The films are edited by Nate Edwards and Nicholas Lloyd, with sound and special effects by Tim Thomson. 

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