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Decision Trees

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Wednesday, Nov. 2 7:30 PM

by The Magpie Parliament Society

Decision Trees is an evening-length, collaborative intermedia work arranged by Paul Kasperitis for Houston Fringe Festival 2022, centering around his series of compositions by the same name.

Decision Trees are quasi-graphical scores inspired by the mathematical field of combinatorics that invite the performer to choose their own path through a complex web of possibilities. The Decision Trees are framed in a form which itself explores all possible configurations of the members in the ensemble and is pinned together by interludes crafted by the performers themselves.

The Magpie Parliament Society is an ongoing collective art project facilitated by Paul Kasperitis and Mark Medina; established in 2019 through a series of livestreamed improvisations, the mission of MPS is to seek out people with a penchant for the offbeat and see what happens when they bring their minds and oddities together.

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