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Mass in Blue

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Sunday, Oct. 30 4:00 PM

Houston Masterworks Chorus

Mass in Blue

a Houston premiere featuring Tianna Hall and Houston Jazz Band

Houston Masterworks Chorus presents Mass in Blue and Footprints Suite by Will Todd

Tianna Hall, soloist

The Houston Jazz Band:
Andrew Lienhard, piano
Michael Gorman, bass
Arthur Gilligan, percussion

Mass in Blue, Op 28, a dynamic, curious and enchanting fusion of jazz and sacred choral singing. The six-movement piece composed in 2003, reflects the standard Latin Mass text while the music is based on traditional blues harmonies. Will Todd's Mass keeps to the text and the now traditional six-section division of Ordinary Catholic Mass. The only innovation by the composer is the returning of the Credo at the very end, with the words affirming the belief in the resurrection of the dead and the everlasting life, instead of the traditional ending with the words Dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace).

Footprints Suite is a jazz choral suite inspired by Mary Stevenson's poem, “Footprints in the Sand," describes a person walking on the beach with God. Often the two pairs of footprints dwindle to one; God is carrying us. The composer draws on universal elements exploring the vastness and timelessness of the universe.
Julie Sacks, piano.