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Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

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Tuesday, Aug. 29 10:00 AM Video-On-Demand

The Catastrophic Theatre

Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

World Premiere by Tamarie Cooper & Patrick Reynolds

Did you MISS the HIT of the Summer?!? Catch it now as VIDEO ON DEMAND. Available through October 8 at midnight.

Always Pay-What-You-Can!

Tamarie and her cast of musical comedy maniacs are back for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the 26th installment of her hit original musical series juggernaut! In a time when truth is often stranger than fiction, Tamarie’s chock full of veracity, spouting truths about her show, society, basically the whole stinking world. And also her flossing habits. Tamarie and her mostly fearless, occasionally fearsome crew will snark, sing, and dance their way through twisted encounters with Tinkerbelle, Pinocchio, Ben Franklin, Kenny Rogers, and Tamarie's psychic high school attendance clerk, Mrs. Jones, who could catch you in any lie (and find stuff you lost too). Tamarie’s got some personal stuff to tell you too. Some real, some fake. Depends on where you get your news. 

If you’ve seen a Tamarie Cooper Show you’re unlikely ever to have missed another one and, if you haven’t, The Totally True Revue is the perfect opportunity to hop on board. Truth.


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