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Next Iteration Ensemble


Next Iteration Theater (NITC) strives to pay a living wage to our creatives while becoming Houston's showcase for intercultural and underrepresented voices as we produce relevant, thought-provoking theater.


At Next Iteration theater is action. It is dynamic, living, interactive, generative, creative.  In theater, what gets under the skin, what gnaws at the  bones is the intimate storytelling, the breath, the voice, the body almost within reach enacting life—mine or yours, or someone else's in a way that provokes, causes questions to form, challenges assumptions, dares us  to see more, to understand anew. In the relative safe space of the theater we are free to uncover, uncork, unveil, reveal all the nooks and crannies of our humaness. Who are we? Why are we? Do we mean it? What do we mean? Do you feel it? Are you hungry for it?"
Next Iteration theater is committed to bringing thought-provoking and relevant theater to the stage, to paying our creatives and to collaborating with the larger performing community of Houston. At the heart of NITC, we strive to bring the arts in all its iterations to you. Through our Next Iteration Presents series we are bringing opportunities to see varied genres from music to improv to staged readings to professional development workshops (Next Iteration Conversations). Join us for one event or all of them with our regular pay-what-you-can prices (with a suggested amount of $10, but accepting any amount you can truly afford whether less or more). 
Enjoy this opportunity to be part of Next Iteration Presents...and be part of the larger Houston performance scene.

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