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Illusionist, magician and sleight-of-hand artist Robby Bennett received his first magic kit on his fifth birthday during a trip to Disney World. At first, it was something he used periodically, but mostly sat in the closet and collected dust. However, when Robby was nine years old he became ill with stomach problems and the magic kits became the source of inspiration for a life-long endeavor and has propelled him to the apex of his craft.

During the time Robby would miss from school while he was ill, he would go through various magic books and learn numerous routines that became a form of meditation that helped him take his mind off the pain. With all the free time available to him, he was able to develop on some of the most advanced sleight of hand, manipulative effects and conjuring techniques ever created, which he has become known for to clients, audiences and peers around the world.

After Robby recovered he was able to do a number of astonishing effects. There was still one problem: A performer has to be able to entertain his audiences, not just exhibit meaningless demonstrations of disembodied “tricks.” He quickly realized that the most well executed sleight of hand meant nothing without a strong presentation. Since that realization Robby has learned from some of the best performers around the world and is keen on many styles of entertainment. He has received many awards from his peers for his efforts towards the art of magic. He is also known as one of the most versatile performers in the industry, with the ability to change genres on the audience in the blink of an eye due to his unique storytelling ability and charismatic delivery that frame every routine.

Now armed with a strong repertoire of effects and a personable stage presence he has been astounding people professionally since the age of twelve… And to think his mom thought he would be a football player.

He performed his first predominant show at the age of thirteen, when he was hired as part of the evening's entertainment for General Electric's Corporate Christmas Party at Houston's illustrious George R. Brown Convention Center and his clientèle list has only grown from there. Because of his ability to perform at nearly any venue (and he has had some strange ones), Robby has been able to maintain a steady performing schedule at corporate events, private parties, universities, banquets, and charity events since he was in middle school.

Currently Robby performs regularly at different events and theatres all over the country and is considered by many to be one the top performers in his field. However, he is most proud of the work he does with numerous charities year round, bringing everything full circle from being a sick kid in his room with a magic kit.

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