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Next Iteration Theater Company


Next Iteration Theater (NITC) strives to pay a living wage to our creatives while becoming Houston's showcase for intercultural and underrepresented voices as we produce relevant, thought-provoking theater.


Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Dianne K. Webb and Managing Director, Tayyba Kanwal, Next Iteration Theater Co. is excited to join the ranks of Houston’s diverse theater companies. With a mission to bring international voices and under-represented playwrights to the stage while also devising new work, NITC brought the biennial ReadFest Houston to the Match in 2015, a world premier, the first Annual Intercultural Play Reading Series featuring playwrights Ayad Akhtar, Aishah Rahman and Rhett Martinez in 2016. Now 2017 promises to be a diverse and thought-provoking season as well, beginning with Deb Margolin's Turquoise

To learn more about Next Iteration Theater Company, please visit the NITC wesbite

Coming up in May 2017: Second Annual Intercultural Play Reading Series

Coming up in November 2017: ReadFest Houston 2017!