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The Watch, Reprise, 2016

CounterCurrent19 - Ellen Fullman, Other Minds festival, 2002. Photo: John Fago. Courtesy the artist.

Long String Instrument composer and performer, Ellen Fullman, explores the acoustics of large resonant spaces with her compositions and collaborative improvisations. Fullman will literally “play” the iconic atrium of the Philip Johnson-designed Hines College of Architecture and Design building at the University of Houston, an action first performed in 1994. Read more

Sitting on a Man's Head

CounterCurrent19 - Sitting on a Mans Head - Photo: Okwui Okpokwasili and Peter Born, 2019. Courtesy the artists.

CounterCurrent Festival

Sitting on a Man's Head

Okwui Okpokwasili and Peter Born

Artists-in-residence through the Performing the Neighborhood initiative of the Mitchell Center and Project Row Houses over the past three years, Okpokwasili and Born have created a “public song” that engages the Project Row Houses campus, local artists, and the Houston community. Their installation in a row house will be activated during CounterCurrent as an immersive live experience.Read more

SUSTENTO: from La Performera to La Mujer Maravilla

CounterCurrent19 - Awilda Rodriguez Lora

SUSTENTO: from La Performera to La Mujer Maravilla is a lecture-performance by the transdisciplinary artist, Awilda Rodríguez Lora also known as La Performera. Stories, movements, and songs are strategies used by La Performera to invite the audience to reflect on the concept of sustento (sustenance) as a complex and vital idea for survival in creative and everyday practices.Read more

Best of Fringe 2019

Best of Fringe 2019

The Houston Fringe Festival's annual spring showcase, Best of Fringe 2019, returns with a one-night engagement at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston's beautiful Matchbox Three theater. On May 10, musical theater group PMT Productions will host an evening of performance art, contemporary dance, dance-for-camera, rock opera, and performance poetry featuring four newcomers to the Houston Fringe Festival roster and six returning veterans. Roster includes ARCOS Dance (Austin), Brittani Broussard, Call Me Ann Collective, Cynthia Garcia, Holly Moran, Kay Adshead, Lauren Hurstell, Tory Pierce, Tehillah Hartmann, and WIP Productions (Chicago)Read more