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La Vida Es Cortos/Life Is Shorts Festival 2022

La Vida Es Cortos/Life Is Shorts is a unique festival that presents short plays and short films to highlight the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories. Short films and short plays are seldom seen by the general public but even more rare is seeing Latinx arts featured in Houston’s prominent art scene. In its fourth year, the festival will evolve by including an original musical, dance performances, and short dance films to create a Latinx multidisciplinary experience never seen before.Read more

And We Rest On Giants

And We Rest On Giants is an exploration into the lives of long-term HIV THRIVERS. As stigma continues to ravish communities of color, this short film not only looks at the journey of thrivers but also provided an unapologetic first-hand account of their journey. Layered with spoken word, this artistic expression ignites the importance of honest discussion, and conversation. This premiere will be followed by a panel discussion with our Giants and community. 

This event is free. Limit 1 ticket per reservation.Read more