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Road Trip

Houston Bronze Ensemble - Road Trip

Houston Bronze Ensemble invites you to join us as we hit the road in our spring concert, Road Trip. Come and experience the beauty of America through music. Our musical destinations will include some of those familiar vacation stops but also an unexpected visit to what is sure to be a vacation spot in the future. We hope you will pack your bags and come along. There is always room for one more!Read more

Musical Madness

KINETIC - Jeff Gilmer Photographer


Musical Madness

Including a world premiere by violinist-composer Giancarlo Latta

From outrageous fugues to murderous madrigals, KINETIC’s season finale centers on the famously shocking Grosse Fuge, one of Beethoven’s last works. Also featured are the works of Renaissance duke Carlo Gesualdo, famous for his dissonant writing and the grisly murder of his lover, and Golijov’s Last Round for nine musicians, which evokes the spirit of the late Tango composer Piazzolla. Finally, KINETIC’s own violinist-composer Giancarlo Latta will offer his own reflections on the Grosse Fuge with a world premiere you won’t want to miss!Read more

Ethan Bortnick - Live in Concert

Ethan Bortnick - Live in Concert

The World’s Youngest Solo Musician’ Ethan Bortnick performs a live intimate concert! Ethan’s PBS Concert specials have been seen by millions! Join Ethan as he sings some of the most incredible songs for all generations to enjoy together! Ethan’s concert features him playing and singing his original compositions, along with songs from today’s hits to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Chopin, Billy Joel, Broadway, The Great American Songbook and Much much more! This is a concert for all ages!Read more