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Story - The Opera/aqueous

Singaree Production and Rosemary Candelario - Story - The Opera/aqueous

Houston Fringe Festival

Story - The Opera/aqueous

A Houston Fringe Festival Double Bill

This unique double bill, only showing at the Houston Fringe Festivals, features original works by award-winning writer Kay Adshead and acclaimed butoh artist Rosemary Candelario. Stormy – The Opera uses the life and times of ancient burlesque queen, Miss Stormy, as a conduit to explore America’s turbulent present and its possibly terrifying future; aqueous grapples with the extremes of water in the state of Texas, which eons ago was covered by ocean, and now includes large swaths of desert: drought and floods; dry plains swept by massive thunderstorms; hurricanes and dust storms; bordering the Gulf Coast but with no natural lakes in the entire state; water-rich regions and water-poor regions. Water here is alternately life-giving and destructive.Read more

Joaquin Rodrigo - Aranjuez My Love

Flamenco Poets - Joaquin Rodrigo - Aranjuez My Love

The Flamenco Poets Society

Joaquin Rodrigo - Aranjuez My Love

Café Cantante Series: Joaquin Rodrigo’s Music & Federico Garcia Lorca’s Poetry

The Flamenco Poets Society commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the death of noted composer and virtuoso pianist, Joaquin Rodrigo. Join us for an evening of inspirational, exquisite music and poetry to awaken the senses. One night only!Read more

Christmas with Gulf Coast Brass

Gulf Coast Brass - Christmas with Gulf Coast Brass

Please join Gulf Coast Brass in its first Christmastime performance since formation of the group.  The program will include Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, No. 3, some of your favorite songs of the Season from the historic 1965 hit "A Charlie Brown Christmas", favorite Christmas carols, and even portions of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite - and no, we won't be dancing on this one. There'll even be an appearance by an old friend who most will know - (sorry kids, its not Santa Claus!). There will be something fun for music lovers young and old.  So come help Gulf Coast Brass celebrate the season.  Read more



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