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Baby Screams Miracle

Catastrophic Theatre - Baby Screams Miracle

With BABY SCREAMS MIRACLE, The Catastrophic Theatre introduces Houston audiences to one of the most exciting young playwrights in American theatre, Clare Barron. A catastrophic storm engulfs the home of a small, religious family. An estranged daughter blows in with the storm and between falling trees and flying trampolines, the family clings to prayer and forgiveness. Called “a genuinely fragile, complex piece of work,” (Time Out New York) BABY SCREAMS MIRACLE is a funny, moving tale of faith and survival. Read more

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Main Street Theater - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Herdman kids are the most horrible children imaginable.  They are disrespectful, they lie, they even smoke cigars.  When they show up at church one Sunday and decide to participate in the annual Christmas pageant, everyone is worried.  But when the Herdmans collide with the Pageant, the true spirit of Christmas is revealed!Read more

Tea Stories

Luciole International Theatre Co - Tea Stories

Tea Stories explores the universal language of tea through diverse cultural traditions, social backgrounds, and fictional art works. From Chinese and Pakistan Chai tea ceremonies to British afternoon tea, from Lewis Carroll Alice's tea time in Wonderland to James Joyce and Marcel Proust. Tea is not only a ritual, it is also, among others, a medicine, a comfort to the soul, a spiritual communion and healing, a celebration of life, and a social happening. Mostly, the exquisite experience of a hot cup of tea in a winter day may, many years after, bring together the immaterial beauty and remembrance of things past.Read more

Black Nativity: Black Like My Soul In America

Sankofa - Black Nativity

The Sankofa Collective

Black Nativity: Black Like My Soul In America

BY LANGSTON HUGHES, Adapted by Trey Morgan Lewis

Penned by Langston Hughes in 1961, Black Nativity is an Afrocentric retelling of the birth of Jesus. This unforgettable theatrical experience is infused with rousing gospel music, soul-stirring dancing and stories familiar and unfamiliar. Join us for a thrilling time to celebrate heritage, faith and community!Read more

A Blended Family Christmas - A Stage Production

Erin B Productions - A Blended Family Christmas

What ever happened to Christmas cheer? With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday, one can imagine that things can become a little chaotic. This is the exact case in the Lawson home. Things are hard enough with a newly blended family living under one roof. See what happens when The Lawson Family receives unexpected house guests during their first Christmas season.Read more

Illusions 2019: Hey There, Mr. Blue

Lambda Center Houston - Illusions 2019

Lambda Center Houston

Illusions 2019: Hey There, Mr. Blue

A pop jukebox musical written and directed by Mike Svat

Illusions 2019: "Hey There, Mr. Blue" is a jukebox musical told through pop music, drag and performance artists.

"Hey There, Mr. Blue" is a story of a young boy coming of age faced with the struggles of parents, relationships, sexual identity, recovery, and discovery of himself. Hilarious and poignant to young and old alike. Filled with dancing, colorful stages and graphics.Read more

Fade to Black Reading Series 2020

F2B Reading Series 2020

Shabach Enterprise's Fade To Black Reading Series returns for its fifth year. A Sunday matinee has been added. Fade To Black is Houston's first and only short play festival to showcase the new works of Black playwrights.  

Each year, as we bring more programs to life, the Fade To Black movement grows! Within the span of eight years, we will have already produced the plays of over 90 amazing playwrights and utilized the talents of our culturally diverse theatre community of local actors and directors.Read more



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