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The Dead Eye Boy

Dirt Dogs Theatre - The Dead Eye Boy

Dirt Dogs Theatre Co.

The Dead Eye Boy


Shirley-Diane sees her teenage son, Soren, as a painful reminder of her past. Her ex-con boyfriend, Billy, sees Soren as a reflection of his own childhood. As Billy tries to help the troubled boy, the dysfunction of hard-core addiction and manipulation blur the lines of control and love between the three. The Dead Eye Boy playwright, Angus MacLachlan is the award-winning of screenwriter of the critically acclaimed film Junebug.Read more

Fefu and Her Friends

Catastrophic Theatre - Fefu and Her Friends

A signature work of feminist theatre by a giant of the avant-garde. Set in the 1930s, a group of eight women gather at the country home of their brilliant and eccentric friend, Fefu. As multiple conflicts unfold between the old friends, the women struggle to define who they are and what it means to be a woman in a patriarchal society. Though written in the 1970s, FEFU AND HER FRIENDS raises questions and anxieties around gender and identity that endure today. The play features an all-female cast of Houston’s most powerful actors. Read more

FROM WHITE PLAINS by Michael Perlman

Thunderclap - From White Plains

Thunderclap Productions

FROM WHITE PLAINS by Michael Perlman

A John Kellett Memorial Series Production

In this New York Times critics pick, Dennis Sullivan wins an Academy Award for his screenplay based on the true story of his high school friend who was driven to suicide after being bullied for being gay. He names the real-life bully on national television in his acceptance speech: Ethan Rice. Dennis’ accusation and the viral internet feud between Dennis and Ethan that follows leads to chaos in both of their lives, as their feud becomes obsessive and destructive, leaving them to wonder if we can ever really leave the past behind us. Read more

The Cat in the Hat

Main Street Theater - The Cat in the Hat

“The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house.  All that cold, cold, wet day.”  So begins the wildly popular Dr. Seuss classic that generations of children have read.  But never fear, the Cat in the Hat appears, along with Thing One and Thing Two (bringing mayhem and fun!), to take Sally, her brother, and the fish on a madcap adventure!Read more

The Wedding Singer

Juxtapose Arts Collective - the Wedding Singer

Juxtapose Arts Collective

The Wedding Singer

Directed by Kevin Cahoon, Choreographed by Heather Steele, Music Directed by Joey Bernsen

The Wedding Singer is musical comedy told through live acting, dancing, and singing. With a score that pays loving homage to the pop songs of the ‘80s, Juxtapose Arts Collective's production of The Wedding Singer takes you back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up and a wedding singer might just have been the coolest guy in the room. Directed by Kevin Cahoon and choreographed by Heather Steele, this is an event not to miss. Read more

The Book of Grace

Catastrophic Theatre - The Book of Grace

Grace is a waitress who lives in a small border town in south Texas with her husband Vet, a border patrol agent. She encourages Vet’s troubled son Buddy to return home and reunite with his father in time for a celebration honoring Vet’s service.  What ensues is a battle for power, revenge, and release from past traumas. In THE BOOK OF GRACE, Pulitzer-prize winning playwright, Suzan-Lori Parks, explodes the American family portrait to expose the borders and fences destroying the American home and by extension, the country. Read more

Here Comes the Sun

Galo Entertainment - Here Comes the Sun

Galo Entertainment

Here Comes the Sun

Written By Ted Johnson, Featuring Niya Davis

Here Comes the Sun tells the story of five military veterans estranged from their respective families and challenged by PTSD residing together in an assistant living home.  We follow their lives through emotional challenges and depression as part of this defacto family relationship.  Ruth, the sister to the owner of the home, takes leave of her job and moves in to help out.  Ruth learns the back story to each of the men, and through love, Ruth encourages them to want to live again.

Directed by Ibi Owolabi, Featuring Niya Davis as Ruth, Danielle Maner as Yolanda, Evan Greene as Ray, Stanley Drinks II as Hank, David Rucker III as Peter and Efrem Whitaker II as Hank Jr. Read more

(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of The Oydssey

TORCH - Island Trap


(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of The Oydssey

Starring award-winning dramatist Austin Dean Ashford

Armed with beatboxing, ukulele, spoken word poetry, and fantastical animals. (I)sland T(rap) is an Afro-adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey remixed. Recently featured and receiving top honors in Scotland, New Zealand, The Kennedy Center, and Off Broadway at TheatreRow in N.Y. (BEST ONE MAN SHOW)

A hip-hop riff about Black Ulysses on an Odyssey of self-discovery and a powerful exploration of a young artist of color navigating the turbulent waters of contemporary American culture while trying to find his authentic voice. (I)sland T(rap) has lyrical poetry, live music, and commentary on Black experience in America, this tour-de-force charts a soul journey on an exotic island where Black Ulysses discovers his place in a society full of gun violence and oppression.Read more



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