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Snow Business

While Santa might not be able to bring a white Christmas to Houston, the Houston Pride Band will bring you a night of snow-inspired holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season!  And to add extra sparkle to your holiday, the concert will feature works by female, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC composers.  So grab your hat and mittens and prepare to get cozy, because there’s no business like Snow Business!Read more

Her Story

Houston’s artist-led, artist-curated Kinetic Ensemble celebrates women artists and women’s stories in Her Story, featuring a new concerto for solo violin, chamber orchestra, and three dancers. This multidisciplinary project is spearheaded by a team of three female artists: composer Nicky Sohn, Kinetic violinist Mary Grace Johnson as featured soloist, and choreographer Kayla Collymore. Her Story is inspired by clients of the Women’s Home Houston, a rehabilitation and support center for women overcoming addiction; each movement of this new work focuses on a different individual from the Center and her story, as a way to give voice to these women, and to raise awareness for the important work of the Women’s Home.Read more

Beyond the Sanctuary Walls

Houston’s artist-led, artist-curated Kinetic Ensemble closes its season with Behind the Sanctuary Walls, a new work by award-winning composer Theo Chandler for soprano, solo bass, and string orchestra. Featuring dynamic soprano Alexandra Smither and Cleveland Orchestra bassist Charles Paul, Behind the Sanctuary Walls explores the intertwining nature of intimacy and distance, connection and separation, capturing the extremes of human experience across five movements. This concert is generally sponsored by our friend, John Epstein.Read more