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Houston Pride Band


A Concert Fueled by the energy and Passion associated with fire and light

Experience the heat of an unforgettable night as we kick off our 2023-2024 season, "An Elemental Journey," at the MATCH! Join us on September 30th for Ignite - an illuminating concert fueled by the energy and passion of fire and light. Let the Houston Pride Band take you on an electrifying musical journey that will set your heart ablaze. Featuring a performance by special guest drag king Hugh Stone that’s sure to light up the stage! Get your tickets today and let the passion of Ignite take over!Read more


Apollo Chamber Players


A musical commentary on the “reasoning” behind book censorship and control featuring Grammy-nominated composer and flutist Allison Loggins-Hull.

Apollo's Silenced Voices 16th season begins with a musical commentary on the “reasoning” behind book censorship and control, with nods to notable books that have been banned historically. Genre-fusing composer and flutist Allison Loggins-Hull, Composer Fellow for the Cleveland Orchestra, and Houston-based composer Mark Buller join Apollo for a program all-too resonant with our social and political moment. University of Houston professor Howard Pollack also joins to discuss the censorship of American composers during the McCarthy period, while Harris County Public Library Director Edward Melton offers his experience leading one of the largest public library systems in the nation during a time of book banning. Read more

New Voices 2023


New Voices 2023

New music by emerging composers from around the country

Musiqa is beginning its 2023-2024 Season with a slate of world premieres from some of today’s most exciting young composers, continuing our tradition of giving voice to emerging talent and collaborating with Houston artists. Join us this October to be the first to hear music by Oswald Huynh, Kyle Rivera and Eric Estrada Valadez, along with a performance of Paul Novak’s entwining and new poetry commissioned for the occasion by Houston poet Ayokunle Falomo.Read more

Saadhana Sur Sang

Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston

Saadhana Sur Sang

Celebrating 20 Glorious Years of a Pathfinding Mission

Join us for this much-acclaimed flagship event of the Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston which features stalwarts in the field of Indian Classical Music. This concert - the Grand Finale of our Milestone 20th year (2003~2023) - promises to provide music lovers and connoisseurs an opportunity to take a dip in the confluence of the best chosen Raags & Rhythms of Hindustani Classical Music.Read more

New Dimensions to the Margam

"Visual imagery of poetry in different Indian languages" is a perfect description of iconic Bharatanatyam dancer Rama Vaidyanathan's latest production, NEW DIMENSIONS TO THE MARGAM, where her unique group choreography is seen at its creative best. Rama's new artistic endeavor is a beautiful mosaic of interesting solo and group presentations, enhanced by an excellent ensemble of young talented musicians. Samskriti is delighted to bring the wonderful, world renowned Rama Vaidyanathan back to Houston.Read more

A Night of Persian Music

Experience the mesmerizing fusion of East and West with Dorian, a sensational band formed by six Iranian virtuosos based in Houston, Texas. This debut concert at Houston's Matchbox 4 showcases a groundbreaking blend of traditional Persian instruments – including the enchanting Taar and rhythmic Tonbak – harmonizing flawlessly with Western counterparts like piano, flute, and violin. Be captivated by 15 evocative compositions, with Persian poetry, performed in two parts. Join us for an enchanting evening where musical boundaries fade, cultures unite, and a new sonic landscape unfolds.Read more