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Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

The Catastrophic Theatre

Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

World Premiere by Tamarie Cooper & Patrick Reynolds

Did you MISS the HIT of the Summer?!? Catch it now as VIDEO ON DEMAND. Available through October 8 at midnight.

Tamarie and her cast of musical comedy maniacs are back for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the 26th installment of her hit original musical series juggernaut! In a time when truth is often stranger than fiction, Tamarie’s chock full of veracity, spouting truths about her show, society, basically the whole stinking world. And also her flossing habits. Tamarie and her mostly fearless, occasionally fearsome crew will snark, sing, and dance their way through twisted encounters with Tinkerbelle, Pinocchio, Ben Franklin, Kenny Rogers, and Tamarie's psychic high school attendance clerk, Mrs. Jones, who could catch you in any lie (and find stuff you lost too). Tamarie’s got some personal stuff to tell you too. Some real, some fake. Depends on where you get your news. 

If you’ve seen a Tamarie Cooper Show you’re unlikely ever to have missed another one and, if you haven’t, The Totally True Revue is the perfect opportunity to hop on board. Truth.Read more

5th Annual La Vida Es Cortos/Life is Shorts Festival

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Houston’s one-of-a-kind shorts festival that celebrates and illuminates Latinx stories through short plays, short films, and dance. For the first time ever, the festival includes “La Vida Es Cortitos," two morning performances to delight and excite young audiences ages 5 and up! 

Following every performance, audiences will vote for their favorite short film and the winners will compete during the final performance for the chance to be named “LVEC 2023 Audience Favorite Film” and win a $100 cash prize! Read more

Waiting for Godot

The Catastrophic Theatre

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett, directed by Jason Nodler

Two penniless tramps stand waiting together on a country road for the enigmatic Mr. Godot to arrive to somehow improve their diminishing circumstances. Just before nightfall, a messenger arrives to inform them that Godot will not come today but will surely come tomorrow. Meanwhile they pass the time in every way they can imagine, each leaning on the other, as they struggle to hope for better days to come. Read more

Carmela Full of Wishes

Feliz Cumpleaños! It’s Carmela’s birthday, and she’s finally old enough to tag along with her big brother as he runs the family errands. Passing by the bodega and the lavanderia, Carmela picks a dandelion and makes a very important wish… Carmela Full of Wishes illuminates the beauty of working class neighborhoods and the power of community and family. Told through the lens of a heartfelt sibling story, this endearing play explores what hope looks like in a migrant community steeped in Mexican culture.

Recommended for Kindergarten and older.

Read more

Broadway & Barbershop: The Sequel

Due to the overwhelming response from our last show here at MATCH, Houston Musical Theater Company is bringing back a new version of their Broadway & Barbershop musical revue. Showcasing the vocal talents of Robby Black, Erin Clark, Daniel Lopez, Kyle Stephens, Sarah Watson and Natasha Wroblewski  Broadway & Barbershop: The Sequel will feature more showstopping songs from shows such as Les Miz, Phantom, Guys & Dolls, Showboat, Into the Woods, The Music Man, and many, many others. And you'll be mesmerized again by the mastery and tight harmonies of Houston-based barbershop quartet Panda Ring featuring the foursome of Patrick McAlexander, Zachary MacLaren, Daniel Laguros and Robby Black. Fresh off their success at the 2023 Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Contest, Panda Ring's repertoire ranges throughout many eras and styles of barbershop harmony. Read more

Imagine 3

ImagineNation Theatre

Imagine 3

a series of three one act plays written, directed and performed by Houston based young adults.

Imagine 3 is a series of three one act plays written, directed and performed by Houston based young adults. Join us for the following three productions: 

Desmodontinae: A drama/thriller written and directed by Andrew Steward 

School Sanctioned: A drama written and directed by Izzy Plunkett 

How Do You Get Rid of a Body: A comedy written and directed by Kyle Rogers Read more

Primary Care

The McGovern Center for Humanities & Ethics

Primary Care

by Bill Monroe in collaboration with Thomas R. Cole

Keeping alive a person with profound dementia. . . why?

Primary Care is based on an actual case researched by Dr. Thomas R. Cole. An Alzeimer's patient has been fed through a nasogastric tube for over a year when the death of a senior geriatrician forces reevaluation by the health care team. Stony Marcher, chief resident, pleas with Marsha LeMarque, the attending physician, to remove the feeding tube and let nature take its course. Mrs. Brooks, a nurse aid who claims to have a personal relationship with the patient, stands in the way.Read more

PLAGIO (Cheaters)

Gente de Teatro

PLAGIO (Cheaters)

A dark comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez. How plagiarism may lead to malfeasance and how such malfeasance may lead to glory rather than shame...

Plagio (Cheaters) is a rather amoral take on the literary world.

Since publishing his first novel, Alex, the recipient of a prestigious award, has been basking in his reputation as an author in vogue while collecting his copyright money. He is about to become the recipient of the Cruz de Caballeros de las Artes y las Letras Award bestowed by the Ministry of Culture. His wife Gloria, whose fortune and connections significantly enhanced his reputation, is helping him prepare his speech for the ceremony. However, this is exactly the moment when Alex receives the unexpected visit of an unknown woman who could put his “success story” in jeopardy.Read more


Négritude Theater/KLA Ministries


Written by Angela Watson and Kevin Aldridge

Negritude Theater and KLAM have partnered together to bring a thrilling show from New York as their Houston debut. Wildfire is an eerie tale based on true events. For one night only - appropriately on Friday the Thirteenth. It’s the story of love and loss and the damage it can ignite when mixed with fury.

Five coworkers go on a retreat for some R&R, each with their own agenda for the weekend. When one of them shows up unexpectedly, it’s a welcome surprise for the trip. With a change in events, revenge gets the best of one of the guests and everyone must face something that none of them anticipated: Survival!Read more