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While Childhood Slept

The Garden Theatre

While Childhood Slept

Book and Lyrics by Sharon Lands Sheppard; Music and Additional Lyrics by Jo Ellen Hubert

While Childhood Slept is a heart-wrenching original musical that follows the true story of the boys of Home Number One in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin. The children create a secret republic within the camp, publishing their own magazine of art, poetry, and short stories called Vedem. A visit from The Red Cross presents the opportunity to disguise their magazine as a secret message and a means of escape. While Childhood Slept is a story of bravery, determination, and hope with a promise that we will never forget the past and will never allow history to repeat itself.

While Childhood Slept returns after The Garden Theatre's workshop production in 2022, which was produced in partnership with Holocaust Museum Houston, who will return once again as a partner for this production. While Childhood Slept premiered in 1999 in Houston, TX. From there it received an off-Broadway reading, and its finale number, We Will Not Forget, was featured in the documentary Paperclips. In 2005, a revised version with new songs was performed once again in Houston. The Garden Theatre's production in 2022 was the first time the piece had been performed since 2005.Read more