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Descend into the darkness with NobleMotion Dance as they enter their 16th with Stalactites, a mysterious new evening of dance theater at the MATCH in late August. Throughout time, the cave has been a mystical place, an opening into earth where humans have found shelter, given birth, performed rituals and burial rites, and told stories. Set in a futuristic primal society, Stalactites draws inspiration from Plato’s allegory of the cave as a response to current advances in AI technology. The theater is transformed into an industrial cave with climbable architectural structures designed by Jared Doster. The light grid is lowered into the performance space allowing light designer Bryan Ealey to shape the world as the dancers perform above the fixtures. And a new hour-long music score by Travis Lake haunts and renders beautiful a hollow world full of possibility. Stalactites is a physical and evocative evening-length performance that offers a glimpse into one possible future of human “progress.”Read more